Backing up SCSI disk from Turbo Color to a Mac

Started by vought, October 22, 2017, 04:31:57 PM

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I've got a G4 Dual processor running Tiger (10.4, Supports UFS) and an 500MB OpenStep 4.2 disk that boots and works normally in it's turbo color slab.

I'd like to connect the SCSI disk from the Turbo Color to the G4's SCSI PCI card, mount the UFS partition, and dd the user directory to a new disk image in order to have a good backup of the NeXT's data. Unfortunately, I can't seem to mount that disk on the Mac; the UFS filesystem of the OpenStep 4.2 disk doesn't seem to be readable on the Mac.

Does anyone know of a way around this? Is it possible to mount an OpenStep UFS partition on a Mac at all? I've googled and searched this forum, bt I can't seem to find an answer.


MacFUSE/osxfuse [1] in combination with the ufs Fuse module is able to mount and read NeXT disk and CD UFS file systems. osxfuse only seems to work with OS X 10.5 on PPC, MacFUSE 1.7.0 should still support Tiger.

Alternatively, the Linux ufs file system module supports the "nextstep" and "nextstep-cd" ufs variants.

Btw., there is no way to "dd" a directory, but you can obviously use tar to make a backup. However, if you only plan to backup user data, maybe an NFS export of the NeXT disk to the OS X machine should suffice (but probably isn't that easy to set up).

-- Michael



Hi, Michael:

Thanks for the excellent recommendation. I'll try 1.7 out on Tiger and try to just clone the entire disk as a backup. That should at least let me goof around a little bit at first and feel my way around.

I appreciate your help.