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Started by pergamon, December 19, 2018, 05:14:09 AM

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Someone got a pretty good deal on NeXT #39:

(though there's probably another #39 out there with "Computer" on the label too)


Hi Perrgamon

I had sent you an pm



That was me. It's for sure not a stock machine given the 040 board, and I'm curious if the rest of the machine is dated appropriately of it's just an early back panel on a normal cube. My plan is to put it back to stock condition. I'll post pics of everything.


If you bought it, who does the asset tag on the top belong to?

-NeXT 68040 Cube with NS 3.3 and 64Mb ram


So I have mixed feelings on this purchase. The case is certainly early and shows the additional tooling for the early backplane:

The casting marks line up with what I have on my #57 cube. Condition of the case is overall poor I would say, but may look better after a good cleaning.

Unfortunately all the internals have been upgraded. And that means everything: backplane, power supply, MO drive. Also the HDD was removed which is annoying and conflicting with the title of the auction. They also removed the asset tag before sending, so that history is now lost. I'm assuming it would have been some university.

Having said all that, there is some good news as well:

Once again, mixed feelings. I was hoping at least the original backplane would be there.


What did the seller say about the missing HD, as it is listed in the title and the description section?
It certainly would have been interesting to see what was on the drive if it had been included and had not been wiped.


I've contacted the seller, but I doubt they knew anything about this machine, or even turned it on. It is also very unlikely that they opened this machine to verify the contents. The back panel was seized in place like it hadn't moved in many years.

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Hello Brian: Very cool a DSP Chip , I have a question for you , I experimented with a 68 pin Apple rom chip in that slot , no blue smoke but nothing else happened. I noticed it appears Apple interestingly  had quite a few VRam 68 pin chips of the same year as our 256K and 512K , I'm tempted to try one in a mono slab motherboard to NeXT's for Quadra's ..... it would have been cool if NeXT had made the Vram expandable.   May be it is Apples and Oranges...
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The pinout is totally different so it won't work. Let's just make a new one.