SCSI2SD v5.0b (4.8.1) config for NexTcube Turbo, 2GB card?

Started by tiritea, January 19, 2019, 08:15:16 PM

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I recently purchased SCSI2SD v5.0b (4.8.1 firmware) to replace the drive  on my NeXTcube Turbo. I set it up with a config from here :, and was able to install a clean OpenStep 4.2 onto it from my OpenStep 4.2 CD-ROM. The install went fine, no errors, etc, but now the cube simplt refuses to boot off it; I get a "sc: scintr program error" every time it tries to boot off the drive, and get throw into the monitor. Will boot fine off my actual hard drive, so it must be something with the SCSI2SD card and/or config.

So asking if anyone has a working SCSI2SD config xml file that is known to work for a v5.0b card with the latest 4.8.1 firmware, running under a turbo (040) system, that they can share. It'll be the only internal drive in the SCSI chain, so terminating resistor packs are left installed.

Thanks in advance.

- Gareth