Panel with two OD's and one floppy?

Started by Andreas, April 23, 2019, 02:35:14 AM

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in this auction there is a panel with two slots for the OD's and upper that a slot for the floppy - is this self made or something official?


I've never seen one. This looks like they cut an opening. The side cut is not quite straight. Best of luck to them on that price. :D


IMHO is a custom cut, on a first series cube case.
I've had lots of Cube since 1989 and I've never seen anything like it. Furthermore, if there was an HD 5.25 "and the M.O. both installed in that cube, the floppy would not fit (Esslinger didn't design that bad  ;D )


Perhaps a previous owner replaced the MO with a CD/DVD drive and had more room above to install a floppy or zip drive?

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Hello NeXT Community: You can set up a Cube to use an optical drive slot for a floppy without hacking up the faceplate example here:
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