NeXTSTATION 68040 25MhzBlue SCSI2 with WIFI emulating 6 2gb hard drives

Started by Rob Blessin Black Hole, February 07, 2024, 12:47:52 AM

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Rob Blessin Black Hole

Hello NeXT Community:  My friend and author of Inside NeXT had asked me about Blue SCSI 2 . I thought well let me see if I can get it running on NeXT hardware , I was successful and they just came in today . I'm probably  not the first to do this lol however I now have Blue SCSI2 with WIFI successfully emulating 6 2gb hard drives on a NeXTSTATION 68040 25Mhz. I am thinking given the recent scsi card development and credit "kerfuffle " amongst developers a little test of sorts. We might as well have an impromptu show down race  ZULU SCSI 2.0 by Rabbit Hole and Blue SCSI 2 by Nulleris and Androda on 2 NeXT's side by side, boot up to load os to jump 2 a second partition to launch an app . Any other suggestions welcome :) Also the actual components on the board comparison I notice Bluse SCSI uses a cheaper SD Card Holder than ZULU SCSI but may be for a reason.  The NeXT machines will have identical configurations, new Austrian Caps, New optimized ram, new old stock power supplies , batteries and floppy drives (thanks you Daniel for letting me test drive and show off your fully restored stations to the community) as my thanks I'll leave both cards in place for you!) remember no wagering lol as you all need entertainment   this will happen soon for now here is Blue SCSI 2.0 on NeXT
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