The pursuit of usefulness in 2020

Started by BillAnderson, March 19, 2020, 08:02:35 PM

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@codepoet80, thanks much for the Squid proxy repo.  I'm attempting to build/install it on a Pi 4, running into build errors that are probably fixable.  I can push up those changes to a fork if you would be interested in them.


That would be great! Also, be aware Squid 4 and up are a completely different beast than Squid 3.5 that I'm using in that repo and I found the config files were largely incompatible.


Indeed, I took it to be important that 3 be used for OpenSSL support.
And building our own Squid is important to be able to enable options at compile time.

For the non-Docker approach, I ultimately decided to tell today's GCC to treat the truncation bugs in 3.5 as warnings and not errors, by changing `configure` -- remove '-Werror' from C flags.

Also went back to the Docker approach and was able to get a container running, but I think that the master branch of that repo is a little borked; I had to alter the squid.conf construction code.  I think the port redirection is still not right despite, or because of, my changes.


I know this is a rather late response as well, but summer/fall I spend as much time as possible outdoors. Winter is my playtime with the old old computers (versus the Apple Powerbook G4s running OS X 10.4/.5 that I use daily).

I do visit Gopher sites quite frequently for updated content - weather and news on and another site serving up CNN content. Also for fast peeks into Wikipedia...


I'm the same @crimsonRE. Winter is for indoor nerdy fun, the other season for outdoor nerdy fun.