SunPC 4.2 with sbus 5x86 board under OpenStep?

Started by GregSS, April 16, 2020, 07:19:12 AM

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Hi all,
I have a few Sparcstation 5's networked together and some are running OpenStep.  One of them is still running Solaris because it has the SunPC 4.2 with the 5x86 board and runs Windows and DOS apps.

Before I build another Sparcstation and try running this (I can't bring down the one that is working unless I am sure it will transfer), has anyone else gotten this to work or is this a pipedream?




I just got a brand new SUNPC 5x86, but I need to find the software and if I get it I will try to install this under Solaris 8

however, my SS5 has two hard drives one with OpenStep and other Solaris

also, I would like to test the OpenStep for Solaris  (

and then see if I can run sunpc on this environment



I have one of these but I'm hazy on the details. As I recall the sbus card is really just an accelerator for a custom version of softpc. It only runs on Solaris 2.6 and I don't think its possible to run nextstep.


I have this now running on Solaris 2.6 with SunPC 4.2.  It seems to run well enough with DOS and windows 3.1, though it only supports 16mb of ram, so though it supports Windows 95, it might be hard to run on 16mb of ram.
I wanted to use Openstep on this machine as it does pretty well on another Sparc5, but now that this is actually working, I don't want to change it over, as it was hard to get running.
A second hard drive would be about the only way to test it really...might try that.