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Started by zombie, April 05, 2020, 01:52:49 PM

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Thought I'd start a thread where all of us could share suggestions to improve

I'll start us off with a couple:

1. Enable a shared folder on the local drive where we can put files that Previous will auto-magically look to as a drive.

2. In the Previous Boot options screen, it defaults to look for things on the root of your drive. It would be great for it to remember the last directory you looked in, or at least use the path where the currently is in. Drilling down to the same few directories over and over gets really tedious.

Rob Blessin Black Hole

Hello Zombie: Great idea , I know there is a quick scroll feature as well when looking through directories but I'm not sure exacly how it wotks ..... 

well my download directory has thousands of files , Previous looks at them first
capitalised then lower case ... a search window would help or your suggestions.

A button on the main previous window that launches a youtube how to install previous page :)
Yes I will make one

A few ideas that may be fun:

Is is possible to attach on optional attributes to the main selection window so when you choose your NeXT
an actual picture of the NeXT pops up like the cool photos with Steve Jobs :) then for the options the actual original pricing for that upgrade option lol with a total , I have lots of webobjects software :), links to the brochures etc....

options for a border that mimics the NeXT 4000A with logo to surround previous.

Links to download NeXTstep once you download previous or with it bundled,

I have permission frm Apple to support NeXT OS so even a nominal optional hobby fee donation tab for rgw iso's with proceeds going to supporting the and or developer work like bounties on apps .

I've always felt like there is unfinished business with NeXTSTEP , like an easy app for original hardware to configure NeXT to get on the web and an updated  browswer. 

I also have the old Opensource, Turbo Software , Alembic sites, so it would be cool to have a nice historical catalog fixing all of the links etc so you pick the NeXT app it downloads the demo right into previous :)  also pulls in our compilation NeXT 3rd software party ISO's.

What would be the best way to tinker with the Previous Window system as far as opening it can I actually open it on a NeXT 68K computer? How do I look at it on my Mac what software is needed?

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