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Rhapsody Laptop list

Started by RacerX, October 11, 2006, 07:26:34 AM

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I've been going back over the drivers list and also some mailing lists from 1998/1999 to see if I could get an idea as to what laptops may be able to run Rhapsody 5.1. This is what I've been able to compile so far...

IBM ThinkPad Models
    760E 12.1" at 1024x786, Pentium 120, 133 or 150, 760ED Display Driver (sound not supported, display not supported on 800x600 version)
    760EL 12.1" at 800x600, Pentium 100, 120 or 133, 760ED Display Driver, ESS 1x88 Audio Driver (display not supported on 11.3" 800x600 version)
    760ED 12.1" at 800x600 or 1024x768, Pentium 133, 760ED Display Driver (sound not supported)
    760XD 12.1" at 1024x768, Pentium MMX 166, 760ED Display Driver (sound not supported)
    760XL 12.1" at 800x600, Pentium MMX 166, 760ED Display Driver, ESS 1x88 Audio Driver
    765D 13.3" at 1024x768, Pentium MMX 166, 760ED Display Driver (sound not supported)
    765L 13.3" at 1024x768, Pentium MMX 166, 760ED Display Driver, ESS 1x88 Audio Driver
    560 11.3" or 12.1" at 800x600, Pentium 100, 120 or 133, 560 Display Driver, ESS 1x88 Audio Driver
    560E 11.3" or 12.1" at 800x600, Pentium MMX 150 or 166, 560 Display Driver, ESS 1x88 Audio Driver[/list]Toshiba
      Tecra 550CDT 12.1" at 1024x768, Pentium II 266, Diamond Stealth 3D Virge (sound not supported)
      Satellite Pro 490XCDT 13.3" at 1024x768, Pentium II 266, Diamond Stealth 3D Virge (set the AutoDetect ID to 0x8c015333, sound not supported)
      Satellite 2140XCDS 13" 1024x768, AMD K6-2 450 MHz, Diamond Stealth S3 Virge (sound is questionable)[/list]Dell
        Latitude CPx J650 14.1" at 1024x768, Pentium III 650, ATI Rage Display Driver (ATI Rage M1, using Rage Driver with M1's Device ID, sound not supported, PCMCIA is questionable)[/list]

        Theorized, but not confirmed in any way...

          Latitude CPt 600GT ATI Rage Display Driver (untested)
          Inspiron 7000 ATI Rage Display Driver (untested)
          Inspiron 7500 ATI Rage Display Driver (untested)[/list]Compaq
            Armada E500 ATI Rage Display Driver (untested)
            Armada M700 ATI Rage Display Driver (untested)
            Presario 2100us ATI Rage Display Driver (untested)
            Presario 1800T ATI Mach64 Display Driver (untested)[/list]Gateway
              9300XL ATI Rage Display Driver (untested)[/list]HP
                Omnibook 4100 ATI Rage Display Driver (untested, works for OPENSTEP)
                Omnibook 4150 ATI Rage Display Driver (untested, works for OPENSTEP)
                Omnibook 6000 ATI Rage Display Driver (untested)[/list]

                On the Apple side of things we have...
                  PowerBook 2400c 800x600, Rhapsody 5.1, 5.3 - 5.6
                  PowerBook 3400c 800x600, Rhapsody 5.1, 5.3 - 5.6
                  PowerBook G3 Kanga 800x600, Rhapsody 5.1, 5.3 - 5.6
                  PowerBook G3 Wallstreet 1024x768, Rhapsody 5.3 - 5.6
                  PowerBook G3 Lombard 1024x768 (at 256 colors), Rhapsody 5.6
                  Claimshell iBooks 800x600, Rhapsody 5.6[/list]


                  I've gotten some feedback so I've updated the list. If anyone has experience with systems not listed (or advice on setting up systems that are) please post.

                  Thanks.  :D


                  Real glad you posted you could only get 256 colors out the Lombard, I was thinking of getting one for Rhapsody.  Looks like it'll have to be a Wallstreet then, which is cool has I've never had one before (I like the idea of powered eject on the Cardbus slots)

                  I thought the GPU (RageLT Pro) was the same in Lombard & Wallstreet, maybe that's got somthing to do with the new world rom?
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                  Quote from: "brams"I thought the GPU (RageLT Pro) was the same in Lombard & Wallstreet, maybe that's got somthing to do with the new world rom?
                  That was what I thought too. I was under the impression that the only difference was an increase in VRAM (from 4 MB to 8 MB).

                  I tried quite a few different methods of getting the system to give me more color resolutions, but failed in all my attempts. Though I'm not sure it it was the driver that was causing the issues... as I was able to get 256 colors at 1024x768 (which is more than I would have excepted if it was using a "default" video driver)

                  Plus it was pointed out to me that the stock Lombard 400 comes with a DVD drive, and it is nearly impossible to install Rhapsody 5.6 with that drive (or read CDs using it even after you get it installed).


                  nice list :)

                  that's what i've been looking for (NS/OS compatible laptop list).

                  is any laptop (besides the 2 Omnibooks) in this list compatible with NS/OS?


                  Actually, the list of laptops that run Rhapsody is a subset of the list of laptops that can run NEXTSTEP/OPENSTEP. I am working on putting together a list on my NS/OS Resource Page similar to this one on my Rhapsody Resource Page... it is just a ton of work to sort through all the stuff.

                  When I get a break from school I'll finish up on the page (along with many images of systems running either NEXTSTEP or OPENSTEP).

                  The key thing to keep in mind is that with patches for NS/OS, they actually have newer (and more extensive) driver sets than Rhapsody does.


                  Is it possible to run Rhapsody on a PB 1400cs?  I did not see it on the list, but do not know if that is because it does not work or nobody has tried it yet.



                  The reason that the 1400 series (along with the 5300 and 2300 series) isn't supported is because they used a Nubus architecture rather than PCI. Both the 2400 and 3400 are PCI based systems. And the reason for using Nubus in the 1400 series was to keep the costs down.

                  On the other hand, I am thinking of putting together a care-package CD of apps for friends for Mac OS 8.6-9.2.2 systems to help keep them productive. Similarly, I am thinking about something like this as a page on my site for finding important old apps on the web (though not as extensive as the CD would be) for running in Mac OS 8.6-9.2.2 and Blue Box.

                  As for Rhapsody, if you don't mind 800x600, the 2400, 3400 and original G3 PowerBooks are your best bet. If you need Blue Box support as well, then your limited to the original G3 PowerBook (though it might work in a G3 upgraded 2400 or 3400... but that is only a guess).


                  So no nubus support in Rhapsody then. :(

                  I have a  wallstreet powerbook that currently has Rhapsody 5.6, but was trying to find something to install on a couple of 1400's that someone gave me.  I guess its Mac OS 8 for them then, or mabey MKLlinux or some other distro.  

                  I think the care-package page and CD is a great idea, as these are nice little laptops that I would really love to put to some sort of use, besides just becoming another item in my "collection".

                  Thanks for the info.



                  I'd try my darndest to get netbsd or such running on them. I *HATE* Mac OS Classic. It's so horrible ^_^
                  After an apparent 15ish year hiatus... I'm baaaaack! :D (12/12/2023)


                  The PB 1400 series are quite limited in OS support.
                  I've tried to install Mac OS X Server v 1.2 and BeOS 5 Pro on mine without success. From what I've read on the net, MkLinux seems to be very hard to get running on a 1400. Mac OS 8.5/6, 9.0 and 9.1 run very slow, even with 64 MB of RAM. I guess the slow hard drive is the main problem (I haven't tried a faster HD), but the whole architecture is obviously very limiting.
                  I recently purchased a used 233 MHz Wallstreet for $20 and Mac OS X Server 1.2 seems to work fine on it. I've got sound, millions of colors, built-in NIC. I just need a faster HD.
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                  I am getting the impression that the 1400's were a pretty poor system, based on comments here and the fact that has it on the "road apple" list.  There are still a few diehards on the Linux/PPC-nubus site who are actively compiling and backporting linux in an attempt to keep it current, but the install is quite an undertaking.  I am downloading the referenced files and debian iso images, and intend to give it a try anyhow.



                  Quote from: "RacerX"Claimshell iBooks 800x600, Rhapsody 5.6


                  I´ve been trying that on my two Clamshells (first one and following model) but the installer states that this version of Rhapsody can not be installed on this computer (although using that "unsupported configurations" thing). Is there a special installation I don´t know of?



                  My general experience has been that once you click the check box in the unsupported hardware dialog box, the Rhapsody installer will let you continue on even if it is not a system that Rhapsody can run on. After that first warning it usually runs up to the restart (which is just a quick reformatting of the drive and a small list of your installation options in place on the target partition) and then it either works (boots into Mach for the actual installation) or doesn't (gives you the "?" icon or stalls at the firmware prompt).

                  I've only done the install on non-firewire versions of the clamshell iBooks, but I believe that all the clamshell models well work with the last two releases of Rhapsody. Usually the main issue is in some of the restart sequences, so the main battery should be pulled during the installation.

                  I'll double check with my friend who's iBook we tried this on to see if there was anything else we did. I'm pretty sure that both the Mac OS X Server 1.2 and 1.2v3 installation CDs work. The main difference at the early stages of the installation is the version of Mac OS 9 on the CD (9.0 verses 9.0.4 if I am recalling correctly, I'll double check later today), which can effect booting the system from the CDs if the version isn't supported.

                  The only other issue I can think of would be if you have a DVD-ROM drive rather than a CD-ROM drive, I know that was a major issue for Lombards (won't install off the DVD-ROM drives, and won't recognize the DVD-ROM drives after being installed). But that usually wouldn't pop up until you attempted to restart after running the installer in Mac OS 9.


                  Just regarding the hardware itself both clamshells should work in my opinion but I remember some strange behaviour when updating from 10.2.x to 10.3.x. Both clamshells booted twice, maybe there was something done to the ROM of the iBooks which prevents the installation of Rhapsody. I can´t testify it as long as I don´t own any clamshell in "original" state anymore... :(