CheckMate - a new web app for Next/OpenStep (and more!)

Started by codepoet80, January 26, 2021, 07:45:38 PM

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If you're here, there's a good chance you have more than one retro computer, and are on the look-out for ways to keep them useful. To that end, I've built a To Do list web app that works on virtually anything -- and was specifically developed with OmniWeb as a first class client running on a NextStation.

CheckMate is a chess-themed productivity "game" that you can use anywhere. The initial client is forms-based, but adapts the UI to old and new browsers. It works beautifully on NextStep, and reasonably on the latest Firefox/Chrome/Edge. In the future, I'll detect other browser features, and further adapt the user experience to take advantage of them. For now, the form-based capability that works on NS means that you have "Save Changes" for most actions.

One of my other hobbies is another dead platform called webOS (a mobile platform formerly from Palm and HP), so I have a hosted version of the service here:

You are welcome to create a "game" for free there along with the (very small) webOS community -- but be aware, there's no real security (OmniWeb doesn't know HTTPS or modern encryption!) If you agree to the posted terms, you'll be given a chess move and a grandmaster -- these are your login, and can be used on multiple browsers at a time.

If you don't like sharing unencrypted data, or your To Do List includes nefarious activities, you may want to self host. All you need a PHP-enabled server, and the free, open source software, you can find here:

I hope others try this out -- like I said, its nice to have a reason to have my NextStation on, and part of my work-from-home routine. I'd love your feedback on how to make it better!


Hey, this is really cool! I just loaded it up on OmniWeb on my NeXT TurboColor, and the page comes up just fine but the background is... unexpected LOL - here's a pic:

Regardless, I like what you've made here - thanks for sharing it with everyone!