Questions about Installing OS 4.2 on VMware Server (Linux)

Started by gsyoungblood, October 16, 2006, 01:18:37 AM

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I've just installed OS 4.2 in a vmware server virtual machine using information from a page written 2 years ago (

Right now I've got the crazy mouse problem. I did find, and download, the VMMouse-1.1 driver referenced in a previous thread. I also saw mention of updated video settings and other exciting information, as well as a FAQ.

Trying to get the FAQ (pdf or rtf) results in 404 errors from

So, now my questions:

With the mouse going nuts, how can I finish the configuration to install the updated mouse driver?

How well does networking work with the PCnet drivers? Is there a better choice for NIC for OS in VMware?

What is needed/how do you get sound working?

What is needed/how do you get better video resolution (right now I'm at 640x480 BW)? I've seen instructions and downloaded what is supposed to provide 800x600 color, but what I'd really like is 1024 or 1280 resolution, if possible.

Is there another place to find the FAQ?




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