Custom embroidered NeXT logo hats - group buy

Started by nullvalue, April 30, 2021, 10:58:54 AM

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Anyone interested in doing a group buy for an embroidered hat with the 5-color NeXT logo? I can't order just one but buying a dozen or so will help reduce the cost and make it feasible. I'm thinking it'd look good on this black "Richardson Garment Washed Cap" - so this is a nicer quality and has kind of a faded look to it.. Not looking to make a ton of money - cost would be like $22-25+shipping? I'm in the USA so shipping in the US would be about $5. Just want to break even and get one for myself ;) Let me know if you'd be interested, looking to get at least 6 commitments before I place the order.




I don't mind shipping internationally - I could list it for sale through eBay I could use their cheaper "global shipping program"...

Rob Blessin Black Hole

Hello:  I would probably buy 6 to 11 :) As it would be cool to offer them in the store and with systems .. Do you have a manufacturer in mind?  Best regards Rob Blessin
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Yes I have one in mind. The one thing I'm not sure about is which color hat. There is either black or charcoal. The logo might show up better on charcoal but.. the black still already has a faded look so the black thread will still be visible. What do you think?



I'm interested ! I'm in France, though.

The black version looks better to me.


Yeah I agree so I'll stick with my initial thought of the black. I'll probably be placing the order in a week or two for a dozen. I will get some to Rob and will sell the remaining ones myself through eBay with international shipping.


I'm very late to this party, but now I'm curious - did these hats ever get created? If yes, are there any left available for sale?


Quote from: Huxley on July 30, 2021, 07:10:50 PMI'm very late to this party, but now I'm curious - did these hats ever get created? If yes, are there any left available for sale?

No worries - haven't placed the order yet. Life caught up with me and now I'm busy getting ready to move 2 kids into down to college. This is still on my to-do list. Will post here when they're available, hopefully in the next month or so.



I vote for charcoal, btw. I think the logo will stand out better, and it won't be as hot in the sun!


Crap can't ever be easy can it? ;)  Maybe I'll see if they can do half/half


Ok I've placed the order for 12 (black). I can't make it half/half through the ordering process. I've asked if we can make 6 black and 6 charcoal. Will report back.