Custom embroidered NeXT logo hats - group buy

Started by nullvalue, April 30, 2021, 10:58:54 AM

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Ok so they didn't have the hat in stock that I originally chose. They had something very similar that I've gone with, but they are a few bucks more each. These are "brushed twill", so should also be very nice. They did agree to do half Black and have Charcoal, so hopefully that should make everyone happy. :)

R203_Black.jpg R203_Charcoal.jpg


I got the proof back from the emroidery company - I think it looks pretty good! Guess we'll see how the final product looks in a few days..


Hmm, I'm beginning to think I'll like the charcoal one better. The logo will stand out more.


Yeah - we'll see. This proof is done on a black swatch. The hat I believe has a faded effect to it, so the black hat won't be quite as dark as the swatch.


Hoping this works out for you.
Is there any interest in a run of fezzes?


Hats are in and available for sale! I think they turned out really great. So this hat doesn't have the faded look I thought it would - it's more of a solid color but I think the logo looks great on both the black or gray hat. So it's your choice. FYI these hats have a velcro back. It's very limited quantity - I have 5 available of each color for sale. Cost is $25 + shipping (in the USA it'll be $7) - message me for other countries. First come, first serve - private message me your email address, shipping address and choice of color (gray or black) and I'll request the payment through PayPal. I'll leave this post up for several weeks and will try to update quantities remaining etc. If there are some left after a few weeks, I'll be listing them on eBay.


20210914_124157.jpg 20210914_124327.jpg

20210914_124150.jpg 20210914_124252.jpg


Remaining: 5 black, 1 gray


My hat arrived, and its quite nice. Really pleased, thanks for setting this up!


Remaining: 5 black

I will be creating a listing on eBay for these this weekend.



Got the hats. Many they came out great. Thanks so much!


Just stopping by to say that I received my snazzy new NeXT hat (I think I got the last of the grey ones), and it's fantastic - the hat itself is high-quality, and the embroidered NeXT logo looks super sharp, with very black blacks and bright, bold colors. I'm really happy with it - thanks @nullvalue!




Bought the second-to-last one.  Hurry, supplies are limited!



We need to order again. I'd like a trucker style as well this time.