HTTPS for OmniWeb 3.0

Started by codepoet80, August 19, 2021, 06:58:17 AM

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Was there ever an HTTPS plugin for OmniWeb 3? I found one for OmniWeb 2.x, but it does not work in 3.0


Hallo codepoet80,

HTTPS is already part of OmniWeb 3 (without any plugin), at least as far as I know (remember).
My installed OmniWeb shows HTTPS options in Info -> Administrator Preferences -> HTTPS-SSL

Anyhow none of the modern pages work due to legacy ciphers.

Greets, Nuss


The HTTPS-SSL option is not present in my Administrator preferences, on OmniWeb 3.0

I have a work around for the modern cipher problem that works with other retro platforms -- a Squid SSL-Bump proxy does the trick and I DO see an option for setting up proxy servers in OmniWeb. But I can't use it because Omniweb refuses to open any HTTPS page with the error "OmniWeb doesn't natively understand https URLs and has no plug-in currently loaded to deal with them"

As mentioned, I tried the plug-in for 2.x, but it doesn't work.

What version of OmniWeb are you running, and are you sure you don't have any plug-ins installed? (Check in /LocalLibrary/OmniComponents)


Hallo codepoet80, you are right, seems that I have installed quite some plugins.




OmniWeb is version 3.1rc2. Maybe this helps in identifying the correct packages?

Cheers, nuss


It does indeed! Thanks so much.
The next trick was finding a non-corrupt archive of OmniWeb 3.1 -- it seems most repositories are mirrors of Rob's, which had a bad package in it.
I have found all the necessary bits, and will figure out how to share for others in the future (or maybe Rob can update his share?)