Idea: post a Previous drive image of NS3.3 where networking works?

Started by pomosapien, September 12, 2021, 05:31:46 AM

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Hello NeXTHEADs.

For the people who have/had problems setting up networking, it would be good to try a known working disk.

A virtual disk cares not about the host OS you're on, so only one image is enough.
SliRP virtual networking uses the same IP addresses everywhere, so only one image is enough.
A zipfile of an all-in installation is about 400MB. Not crazy.

I will buy a hat for anyone who takes up this challenge.

Cannot Stop Trying to Make This Work

(I could make the same proposal for VMware Player and VirtualBox, but one thing at a time.)


I'm guessing things like the manual 'gateway' addresses would be different across networks, so you'll still have to do some tweaking to make it work on your home network?


when I had my real next machine I managed to install DHCP. I remember it was a bit wacky but I made an image including some details for how to set it up, but havent bothered as I just dont have the time.

This DHCP package worked great on both my black and white hardware back in the day.


Thanks, i found errors in my assumptions so i need to re-evaluate my approach.


Picked this back up.  File under "funny" or "not-funny":

Bochs' docs for SliRP state that you can't use ping (ICMP) on hosts other than localhost and the gateway.  And this was how I was judging whether networking was up!  Sure enough, using `links` I could contact the files area on this site.

I set up using the networking HOWTO included with Previous.  2.2 on macOS 10.13.


ps. considering packaging the hd image up, as an answer to my own question.  The SLiRP localhost, gateway and nameserver IP addresses should be the same for anyone using Previous.