NeXTstep source code leaked.

Started by spitfire, November 02, 2021, 09:46:56 PM

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A great science project. Can this be re-animated with NetBSD 10 to get a Frankenstein-eseque modern classic?

The 68040 is detailed in locore, along with WARP (was that the Turbo codename?)

Interesting Kernel Release notes
:O2: r12 400 mapleleaf :Indigo2IMP: r10 195 IRIS :SlabMonoTurbo: NeXT
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Quote from: spitfire on November 02, 2021, 10:23:51 PM

I jumped the gun a bit! There's a LOT of source there. Including
NeXTDPS   - NeXT display postscript server.
NeXTDimension - next dimension rom/kernel code.
NeXTMach  - NeXT Mach kernel (not sure which version exactly)   
NeXTSrc   - Various NeXT source pieces including Appkit, GNU sources, NetInfo libNeXT, and others.
NeXTDSP   - NeXT DSP code. Midi libraries, soundkit, and others.
NeXTEmacs - NeXT version of GNU emacs.
NeXTROM.  - NeXT Firmware rom code.

With these resources - even if only looking at how to interface with undocumented things, we stand a pretty good chance of being able to modernize things quite a bit.

I've mirrored the repos locally on my system. Funnily enough my Mac has a case-insensitive file so the mirrors have a few bad files. Notes/notes, Makefile/makefile conflicting.
I'll mirror them again to a case sensitive system.

Was Interface Builder in that?