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The Ohlfs font

Started by pomosapien, April 02, 2022, 07:18:09 PM

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This GitHub repo

prompted a little banging on the original font format.  I was able to convert the original font files to a dfont, which has been merged into the above repo.

Ohlfs in an xterm and a Terminal:


Oh and there's a TTF as well.
I don't know if these could be better.  Using the original pixel sizes will be cleaner.


October 12, 1988 Computing Advances To The NeXT Level


GitHub user @tweedyf did some more work with the original font files and pushed results up to

as the Light and Medium OTF files.  At some point I'll try these and the CERN ones as web fonts, to replace what I have used at
(which should render in Ohlfs in a modern browser.)

Some lab notes regarding what we were up to here: