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Started by pomosapien, April 05, 2022, 06:27:41 AM

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Greetings. @andreas_g:

What dictates the size of the system disk as presented in NEXTSTEP?

I started with a disk image formatted APFS (Case-Sensitive), size 500G.
I resized it:

  hdiutil resize -size 1G netboot.dmg

Disk Utility shows it as 1G, but NEXTSTEP sees it as 500G.
Looked around for a file that represented a disklabel -- nada.
I could understand that the guest filesystem (UFS?) would not be
conventionally resizable, but since these conditions are not conventional...



Oh wait. I was looking at Workspace Inspector, which is showing amount _used_.
`df` shows /Net to have 0 size.
So maybe size is unknown, until a write fails for lacking remote disk space.


Built a new 1GB disk image and this one shows up as 1GB on / as I would expect.
Maybe resizing confused things.