I destroyed a printer so you don't have to.

Started by spitfire, July 21, 2022, 03:32:50 PM

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So I bought a $100 (shipping included) NeXT printer for parts. My good printer stopped printing mid print job with a fuser error according to "PP" (found on the Nova CD collection).

Since there's fewer and fewer working printers around I decided to spend a bit of time searching down parts. The Canon LBP-UX engine in NeXT Laser printers is close to the Canon SX engine, but not exactly the same. The SX engine was used in the HP Laserjet II printers, known as "HP's mistake" for their excellent reliability.

I searched the internet for parts and found a company parts-mart.com that still has LJ II (Canon SX) parts.

Here's the parts-mart page fot the HP Laserjet II

I ordered pretty much anything that looked like it might fit.

1x RF1-0842-OEM Thermoswitch
1x RH7-7009-OEM Thermistor (OEM) for HP LaserJet II
1x RS1-2104-000 Spring, Arm Gear for HP LaserJet II
1x RA1-3968-000 Upper Fuser Roller for HP LaserJet II
1x FB1-0242-000 Fuser Pressure Roller for HP LaserJet II
1x FS5-0020-000 Fuser Gear, Heat Roller (32T) for HP LaserJet II
3x RA1-3851-000 Pick-up Roller for HP LaserJet II
2x RA1-3976-000 Delivery Roller for HP LaserJet II
2x RF1-1145-000 Separation Pad for HP LaserJet II
2x RF1-2130-PRE Ozone Filter (Pre-89) for HP LaserJet II
2x RH7-4024-000 Heating Lamp (115V, 620W) for HP LaserJet II
2x RS1-0116-000 Fuser Gear (20T) for HP LaserJet II
2x RS1-0116-OLD Fuser Gear (20T), Old Style for HP LaserJet II
2x RS1-0118-000 Fuser Gear (15T) for HP LaserJet II
2x RS1-0132-000 Fuser Gear (14T) for HP LaserJet II
2x RS1-1019-000 Heat Bushing for HP LaserJet II
From that list the only part that doesn't look identical is the heating lamp (Fuser lamp). Which is both too long, and has different connections.

The heating lamp inside the NeXT laser printer is "Ushio UG1" "240V 1100W".

As for the normal problems we experience intake feed rollers, the HP LJ II roller is an exact match. Rob no longer has to salvage parts out of dead printers. Just order an RA1-2851-CLN for a brand new item.

I will post pictures of everything below.

PS: I apologize for such a long post - I didn't have time to write a short one.


IMG_0168.JPGIMG_0169.JPG  Thermoswitch and fuser gear.




More fuser gear and ozone filter.IMG_0165.JPGIMG_0164.JPG 


Separation pad and thermistorIMG_0162.JPGIMG_0163.JPG 


Fuser bushing, and old vs new roller. IMG_0160.JPGIMG_0161.JPG 


More shots of intake rollers.IMG_0158.JPGIMG_0159.JPG 


Original USHIO fuser lampIMG_0148.JPG


Other end of lampIMG_0147.JPGIMG_0147.JPG 


Fuser lamp connector.IMG_0146.JPG




I found the site last week, and I got some of the parts too, but sadly the lamp Ushio UG1 240V 1100W is unavailable anywhere.

I also made the same mistake with the longer lamp; the Upper Fuser Roller for HP LaserJet II is of thinner aluminium; please have that in mind, but seems to fit too.


For reference the only other printer that I could find with the Canon  LBP-UX engine is the "NEC-Mitsubishi Silentwriter 2 990". If anyone wants to order a replacement fuser unit ($100USD or so on ebay and such) we can find out if they really fit. The replacement fuser units may have a different lamp which can still be sourced.

FWIW I'm being overly descriptive in all my text here to make things searchable in the future.