Pair of 4MB SIMMs available, 72-pin & some questions

Started by Sound Consulting, October 24, 2006, 06:08:28 PM

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Sound Consulting

I'm cleaning up my server room (two cubes, a NeXTstation, SPARCstation running NEXTSTEP, etc), and I came across a pair of SIMMs. There are 8 chips labelled M5M44400AJ, which are 4Mb chips, so I calculate their total size is 4MB each. These are likely pulls from the NeXTcube Turbo Dimension when I replaced them with larger SIMMs.

My question is: why do they call these 72-pin SIMMs when they have 72 pins on each side? That's a total of 144 pins. Are the signals repeated on each side of the board? Did NeXT used the special SIMM that WikiPedia mentions as a Mac IIfx exclusive?

... and, as the subject says, these are available. Assuming the SIMMs in my cube aren't going bad any time soon, I don't need these. So anyone with empty SIMMs slots in a turbo NeXT can have these for the cost of shipping.