2.88 floppy image in 2.5?

Started by wlewisiii, February 24, 2023, 09:04:45 PM

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Possibly another dumb question...

I found a copy of Objectworks Smalltalk and the archive consists of 2 2.88 diskette images (.diskimage extension) that show up in windows explorer as 2881k. When I try to mount them in the Previous Floppy screen, it complains that they are of an invalid size and says they must be 720k 1440k or 2880k.

Is there a way to use these in Previous?

Thanks in advance.


You need to strip the 46 byte header from the diskimage file, see this thread from 2021, e.g. using the dd command on Unix (if/of specify the input and output file, respectively):

dd ibs=1 skip=46 obs=512 if=1.img of=1_skip_start.img


Gotcha. Didn't find that thread in my apparently feeble search. Appreciate!