Problem after installation.... OS4.2 Intel

Started by fureda, February 17, 2023, 07:16:58 AM

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Today, i installed OS4.2 Intel on my Pentium 200 (DEC DIGITAL PC 3000) IDE0: 8GB Harddisk, IDE1: CD-ROM.

Installation was fine, but after first reboot (after Inst.) without CDROM or floppys the system stop while booting (See Image)

Boot: -v
can't open /dev/rsd0a
(Null Pointer)

For more see the image (Sorry -> CRT Monitor)
What is the problem?

regards from Germany



Looks like it's trying to do something with /dev/rsd0a without the corresponding device being present.

I don't see any relevant sd0 entry in that photo re CD-ROM

More information is required:

Do you have anything in /etc/fstab that uses [r]sd0a or [r]sd0h?
What are the contents of /etc/mtab?
Are you using the "Primary/Secondary(Dual) EIDE/ATAPI Device Controller" driver?
Did you disconnect the CD-ROM before booting?
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Hello Fureda: Do you have the driver name you used for the Eide Hard Drive and Cdrom?  Verdraith is correct the Dual Channel Driver works best ...

After initial install did you also install the packages leaving the Install cd in place? 

Can you boot with the CD rom in place?

Do you run fsck -y  as it looks like it is asking for that ....  Can you make a video?

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the 'null pointer' there tells me that fsck is trying to deal with a device file that doesn't have an associated block device.

In this case, running fsck on the device wouldn't do much.  The primary HDD (hd0) also looks fine (it passes fsck in that output).

The Dual EIDE/ATAPI driver can cause issues when an ATAPI device is not connected.
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Did you make the Boot partition <=4 Gig? If the partition you install to is greater than 4 gig it will cause corruption when you write data past the 4 gig boundary.
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