Are Modern Macs Really NeXTSTEP in Disguise?

Started by Nitro, April 14, 2023, 06:49:30 AM

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No they are not. They worse in most ways. NeXTstep is just still mostly superior to macOS. It was dumbed down for Mac users. Bloated but does little more. It's still missing things like voice annotations. Missing system wide real time render man. It's STILL missing a processes panel in the workspace/finder. Frankly, the apps were of higher quality, and took up a fraction of the space. So much more efficient. Nothing touches Virtuoso or that postscript editing app (was it

Yes, there have been some incremental improvements, but all would have likely come out better had they just moved forward with NeXTstep rather than placating the Mac user base. I use macOS but I dearly miss NeXTstep.


As far as developing.... yes, its the same and more added. I do agree with the bloat complaint. I like how NEXTSTEP does what it does in a pretty small space compared to any modern OS. Then again, I thought back in the day (late 80's , early 90's) that , with the original hardware, NEXTSTEP seemed slow and bloated... but at that time I just thought the hardware was underpowered compared to what they were trying to do.