17" Color MegaPixel with dim image - tube rejuvenation information available?

Started by Sprout, May 06, 2023, 10:46:39 AM

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Hey folks,

Had a non-working NeXT system (TurboColor Slab) that was traded to me in exchange for repair of some older Macintosh systems. Everything repaired and working at this point, but the 17" Color MegaPixel display is a bit dim. It's ok at maximum brightness under normal lighting, but I'd like to ideally brighten it up a bit.

I read somewhere at some point about somebody rejuvenating the tube on one of these, but can't find the thread now  >:(  - anybody else who's done this, or has details on which CRT adapter is required? I have a B&K Precision 470 Rejuvenator that I use for arcade monitors, with multiple adapters, but was hoping to find details on the tube without having to open up the monitor ideally, to ensure I do/don't have the required adapter.

Repair/specifications related documentation for the monitor would also be helpful - ie, what's the normal heater voltage for example - to ensure I can dial in the settings once I have the right adapter.

Appreciate any tips/leads!