New ZULU SCSI PCB on a NeXT Cube Error Code 65 SCSI Bus Hung Solved

Started by Rob Blessin Black Hole, June 15, 2023, 11:51:13 PM

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Rob Blessin Black Hole

Hello NeXT Community: I wanted to put this out there for you all as this one was driving me batty , I'll admit I'm a little rusty at times after my many moons in the hospital .....
What an experience and my memory lapses due to aging do not help lol so

I had 3 Zulu scsi Cards I'm prepping for customers , 2 of 3 worked flawlessly

yet the one I mounted in a cube gave the notorious System test failed error code 65 then scsi bus hung error upon power up. 

Sometimes this is simply a bad cable
or not being plugged in to the 50 pin connector at one end,

or a bent pin in a connector a real bugger to see at times.

but this time it was termination jumper 3 not being set on the new ZULU SCSI Cards by default.

As soon as I saw it I realized my mistake and it cleared the problem as month's ago before the hospital I discovered this fog of war stuff .....

here is a video showing what I'm talking about or trying to describe conquering the error code 65 scsi bus hung beast lol cursing omitted and yes I was careful.   

and it yes success it shows the ZULU SCSI Card works after switching jumper 3 to on ,
so presto it works yeah ,

I know it will help some one even if you are using the old scsi hard drives check your cables, connections plugged in , look for bent pins and termination jumpers in place TE to power and te to bus and termination resistors

 if you see system test failed and error code 65 and scsi bus hung or all three the above will solve it most of the time or your drive may also just be toast! Also fixed bad stick of ram Memory reporting issue here
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