Floppy drive interface standard (Especially 2.88MB/ED version)

Started by YoNext, July 31, 2023, 05:29:48 AM

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I'm trying to find some documentation about the 34 pin connector used by NeXT floppy drives.
Is this documentation available anywhere?

Could this be the same as the connector used by the IBM PS/2 or possibly the Apple Macintosh Portable 34 pin SCSI variant? Or is it something else entirely?


There is something (general on ED drives) on here and page 9 here.


Thanks for the info. This is interesting information in itself.

But I can't see any connector information. I'm looking for the actual pinout of the connector/data cable. It is not the standard PC connector used for regular 3.5" floppy drives. And it transmits power like the PS/2 floppy data cable. But I can't find enough information to determine whether it's the same connector as IBM uses for the PS/2.

I.e. is it one of these?


That looks very technical, but I think I get it. As long as the numbers in the ovals with J6 next to them map to pins, then this is exactly what I'm looking for.