FreeCAD - Free 3D Solid Modeling Software

Started by Nitro, August 04, 2023, 11:37:09 PM

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If you're interested in designing some 3D printable NeXT gear then check out the new release of FreeCAD v0.21. It runs on Mac, Linux and Windows, and best of all it's free.



Highly recommended: obviously not a replacement for high-end commercial products, but largely exceeding any hobbyist need, by far.


I have to start learning FreeCAD now, as the latest version of Solid Works doesn't work on my 4GB machine, the old student version I had from 2020 no longer runs :(.

The intuitiveness of Solid Works wins out because I have 200+ hours of learning Solid Works and AutoCAD 2017 for my CAD paper for Mechanical Engineering.

Would like other opinions and their experiences with CAD and 3D CAD.

I was annoyed at having to download 1GB for AutoCAD and I wasn't using most of the features just drawing a few lines, find AutoCAD better than Libre CAD. Even trying to do Mohr's circle quickly in Libre CAD is a pain compared to AutoCAD and Solid Works.

I need to play around with the DOS version of AutoCAD R12.