A Quick Tour of the HP-9000 712/100 NEXTSTEP Workstation

Started by Nitro, September 07, 2023, 12:18:18 AM

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The 712 series was a very fine proposition. I have a 712/60 with 128 Mb of RAM, it runs NeXTSTEP like a charm, leaving the contemporary black hardware in the dust.
Except... except for the fact that the plastic shell was poorly designed and has aged horrendously, cracking and crumbling, whereas the black hardware was designed to be indestructible.

This is a nice web page, too:


I got my 712 thanks to the pizzabox blog and related videos. Mine is in great shape, but is the 60MHz version.

Following her instructions got me with a fully functional system ON THE FIRST ATTEMPT. How often does this happen? =))) It was easy to get them working using the zuluscsi instead of scsi2sd.

I now prefer using the 712 instead of my Octane just because it's so much quieter and I only fire the Octane up when I am writing for it or doing something very specific.

NS is also way more pleasant to the eyes and I can use my modern postscript printer with color and all features (just edited the PPD file to trim multilanguage stuff away)