NextCube N1000 noot booting / aborts with error message and prompts

Started by tronlives, September 24, 2023, 12:16:37 PM

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Hello folks,
i have not much experience with Next Computers.

Unfortunately my NextCube N1000 has now a problem. During the booting process (NextStep loading process displayed as GUI) the booting aborts and i receive this error screen. See attached jpg.

I hope my hard drive has no physical damage. As there any diagnostics mode or checkdisk tool i can use ?

I have no full working Mo drive.



Hi @gtnicol and @barcher174 ,

can this errors result from SCSI (termination) or RAM issues? I remember similar messages, when having slightly bad RAM in my slab.

Do you think running `fsck` can still help with those messages?
Or should the HDD not been touched, as it may be recovered (if still valuable data is on it)?


The 'block' error is pretty indicative of a crashed head: you get a different error for termination issues. You *may* have something like a bad capacitor on the drive that is causing it to fail, but most likely, it's a head crash.