External SCSI Hot Swap

Started by CygnusTM, June 27, 2023, 05:16:37 AM

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Google has failed me in an attempt to answer this question. Is it safe to hot swap external SCSI devices on NeXT hardware? That is, plug and unplug devices while the computer is running. I'd like to do this with a BlueSCSI. Thanks.


I think it is dangerous because SCSI requires termination, so yanking something will mess up the termination on a live line.

But that's just going off memory, I could be wrong. Interested to see what others say.


Please never plug or unplug SCSI devices on running hardware.


In case of BlueSCSI, taking off the SD card and changing the drive config there and putting it back in (without physically detaching the BlueSCSI itself or touching the term jumpers), I'd expect that to be electrically safe (as the bus itself remains intact)?

Although I am not sure if BlueSCSI even officially supports hot-plugging the SD card.


Of course. Termination. I should have known it was a bad idea. Thanks, everyone!


Trust me I had a drive die while running nextstep it wasn't the boot drive but the system still crashes.
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