NeXTstation Color triage

Started by larbob, June 23, 2023, 10:14:05 AM

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Hi everyone,

I lucked out on a cheap NeXTstation Color a couple of years ago and finally have a Universal IO/Soundbox replacement. I tried connecting it to the Color, but there are no signs of life - when I press power on the non-ADB keyboard, nothing happens. I'm fairly certain the color is a non-ADB machine, but I tried ADB as well and no dice. I'm correct in thinking the Universal IO should work fine with an original color, so I'm guessing next step is checking out the power supply?


Battery would be the first thing to test.



The Panasonic BR-2/3A's in our NeXTs are very reliable, after 25 years the one in my Cube still read 2.2 volts!

These are not the same used in Macintosh (1/2 AA) which usually die after just a few years and some leak/explode. (Maxwells)

Restoring a NeXT Cube with a Dimension board.