Nextstep 3.3 Hardware

Started by stauder99, February 01, 2007, 11:09:55 AM

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I've just started to work a little bit with Nextstep.

Now I'd like to install Nextxtep 3.3 on a Intel Pentium 4 Computer.
Is it possible? And where can I get the hardware specifications for Nextstep 3.3?
Is it also possible to install it on a IDE HDD or do I need SCSI?
And where can I get some Hardware Driver?

These are quite a lot of questions, but perhaps you can help me.




NS3.3 will run on SOME "bare" P4s, but not all. Generally, Intel chipset mobos are compatible, although you'll probably not get sound, ethernet or high-res video from the on-board components. For those things, you'll need external add-on cards. A combination hardware support list and driver download site is available from here.

If you have PCI SB16-compatible card this page is for you. Other PCI soundcard users are out of luck.

Frankly, however, I would use OS4.2 on a P4. The hardware support is somewhat better (as an example, with the Y2K patch installed, you get a video driver that gives you full color on any VESA 2-compliant card) Any part of 3.3 missing from 4.2 can be copied over rather easily.