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Running Rhapsody on PowerBook G4?

Started by ReflectiaX, March 02, 2007, 11:46:01 PM

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I have PowerBook G4 (Titanium) which was released in 2001 and I'd like to run Rhapsody (including Mac OS X Server 1.x) on it. Rhapsody Resource Page doesn't list this model as a compatible one. I've heard it's not possible to run. Is this information true?



Sadly, yeah, it is true.

Rhapsody can run on PowerBook G3 Lombards (but only at 256 colors) but not on PowerBook G3 Pismos or PowerBook G4 Titaniums. When Apple was building new hardware the only models that they continued to make Rhapsody compatible through 2001 were the (single processor) PowerMac G4s and original eMacs (the ones sold to education users before Apple made eMacs available to everyone).

The main reason for Rhapsody (from Apple's point of view) as a non-server system was WebObjects development. Apple had thought that the client version of Mac OS X was going to be out by 2000, and subsequently believed that the only hardware that needed Rhapsody compatibility would have been hardware that may have been used as servers.

There were quite a few people who thought that Apple was very short sighted by not making the Pismo and Titanium PowerBook Rhapsody compatible.

As it stands, the best PowerBook I've found for running Rhapsody is a Wallstreet. It is very responsive (both in Yellow Box and Blue Box... helps to have 192 MB or more of memory) running Mac OS X Server 1.x and is very compatible with the hardware (except sleep and power management... neither of which were built into Rhapsody).


Still, it would have been nice to have it on a 15" Titanium... specially for apps like Create.


QuoteStill, it would have been nice to have it on a 15" Titanium... specially for apps like Create.

Thanks for your information. Yeah, it's a really pity.