dead or're coming with me

Started by urquidez, April 13, 2007, 12:58:56 PM

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<snipped from off topic rant>

d) how hard are schematics for NeXT equipment to come by?

If buying a dimension outright is prohibitive then I might be interested in bringing a dead one back to life, if possible.

ok, ok i have to ask...

e) has anyone played Dr. Frankenstein (with any black NeXT h/w) and achieved success?

It'd be encouraging to here some true life NeXT emergency room drama.

Thanks in advance!



well I guess I'll have to try to figure things out for myself eh?

no problem.

Looking good so far...I have several boxes of NeXT goodness waiting for me at home. One has a functional dimension board in it and I'm about to leave work early because I just cant' take the anticipation.



nice, what all did you get? :D

I might want to buy something ;)
After an apparent 15ish year hiatus... I'm baaaaack! :D (12/12/2023)


i'll post an inventory once I get home and unpack it all. Feels like xmas morning!


ok the only thing that makes this on topic is the fact that one of my boxes contained a dimension cube 040 @ 25Mhz. 64MB RAM for cube and d board.

I'll post the contents of the other boxes in the Black Hardware area