gcc 2.95.3 68k binaries

Started by AStar617, May 15, 2007, 08:13:21 PM

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Didn't see it posted elsewhere and I'm not sure what toolchains the members here are using, so I figured I'd contribute the link--I came across a successful 68k NeXT port of a not-so-ancient gcc release (2.95.3 from March '01)...


Further down the page, there's a patch which should make it work for white hardware too according to the author of the page.

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Hmm... I ended up building & installing sh-utils (sh-utils-1.16.tar.gz) on my intel (qemu) version, then just being able to build 2.95.3 core with no issues...  Keep in mind I'd already built prior to this...

It seems to be working just fine too!
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Seems like gcc-2.95.3 is available for the i386 and m68k platforms only. Is there a chance to get gcc-2.95-3 running on sparc or hppa hardware?
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