Connect a NeXTdimension Cube to a Flat Panel Monitor

Started by Nitro, January 28, 2006, 11:37:52 AM

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Quote from: "cubist"
Quote from: "cubist"So was I.  I wrote back and thanked them for making the effort.  They get points with me for that (just try it with, say, Belkin sometime).

Even better:  they wrote back with an offer to at least evaluate potential monitor candidates.  They need front and backporch timings, sync timings, etc. and I no longer have access to the gear that can do this.  (Well, I have one scope that can get close but it will be imprecise.)  So I'm challenging the community for timings for the three color hardware machines:  colorstation, turbo colorstation, and ND.  Anyone want to step up?

IIRC, Viewsonic H.Q. is in Walnut, California. Maybe someone in SoCal could lend them a "test mule".


To add to the list of monitors that work with NeXT HW, I just picked up a Samsung SyncMaster 2032nw.  ($229 at Costco).  Seems to work right out of the box.  

The NeXT image does not fill the whole screen, however.  There is about a 1/2" of black at the bottom of the screen and about an inch & 1/4 on the right side.

Now I just need to get a functioning keyboard....

NeXT Turbo Cube (acquired at factory auction), 128 MB ram, 2 Gig HP drive, running OPENSTEP 4.2.
2 Color Turbo NeXTstations.
Early mono NeXTstation.