"Control" vs. "Command"

Started by antryg, August 16, 2007, 08:57:19 PM

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I have recently acquired a NeXTStation Turbo Color and when I tried to boot it it gives the testing screen and then goes into "Loading from Network", then "Bad Network" then "Loading from Network" again.  I found someplace that to convert it over to single user mode I need to press "Command" and ~ to get into the ROM monitor and then issue "bsd -s".  So far so good.  However, the machine goes through it's paces and then gets to networking and sets the networking to "localhost" and gives the message "Type Control-C to start computer without a network connection".  The issue is whether or not Control-C is the same as Command-C.  When I type Command-C the display shows a c in the display and nothing else happens.  If I don't do anything the computer just sits there waiting for some input.  

How do I get the Command-C into the computer?


I had a brain fart.  I am used to PC keyboards with the Control key (Ctrl) on the lowest row and did not see the Control key above the Shift key.  

Sorry for the inconvenience.


ha, don't feel bad. I've used my NeXT for about 3 years now and I STILL do that without thinking.
After an apparent 15ish year hiatus... I'm baaaaack! :D (12/12/2023)