NeXT Hardware Specifications Database

Started by andreas_g, May 31, 2009, 04:59:29 AM

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I want to collect informations about NeXT branded hardware to make a chronologically sorted database containing specifications of all released (and prototype/unreleased) NeXT hardware.

As i didn't find any good starting point in the internet, i decided to open this thread.

Now it would be great if anyone who has an overview about NeXT hardware would post specifications here.

I am thinking about collecting the following informations:

for NeXT Computers:

Name of the hardware
Date of release
Initial price
Bundeled software
Bundeled hardware (mouse, keyboard, etc)
Processor (type and frequency)
Coprocessor (type and frequency)
Cache(s) (type and size)
System bus (bandwith and speed)
Internal drives (types (floppy, hard disk drive, ... type/speed of drive bus) and size)
Expansion slots
External ports (networking, display port, etc)
Graphics hardware (type and VRAM)
RAM (amount: standard and maximum; and type/speed of ram)
ROM (version and size)

for NeXT Displays:

Name of the hardware
Date of release
Initial price
Type of the display technology (CRT, etc)
Available resolutions

for other NeXT hardware (external drives, expansion cards, mice and keyboards, etc)

everything you know, important are name and date of release

I can use incomplete informations too. Informations about prototype/never released hardware are also wanted.
Any suggestions are welcome!

Thanks a lot to everyone who helps!