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Started by gtnicol, May 04, 2019, 09:56:18 AM

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I was going through my herd. Here are a few interesting machines... note the difference in the pyros.

Turbo Dimension, 128MB + 64MB

Pyro Dimension, 64MB + 64MB

Pyro Dimension, 32MB + 64MB

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Super jealous of those Pyros!


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Hello Gavin: I wonder how difficult it would be to make a modern version of the Pyro ?  It looks like 2 engineering layouts ?
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There's not a whole lot of circuitry on them, so I would imagine it'd be fairly easy. I think the large one is an earlier unit.


Is the Pyro "snapier" and faster than the turbo or did the faster RAM on the Turbo equal the clock from the Turbo?


I think my all-time favorite is the turbo mono... it feels overall the smoothest. The Pyro's feel mildly faster than the Turbo, but that depends on the application. Having more memory in the Dimension certainly makes some things faster.

The multi-computer architecture of these things is cool... it actually kind of anticipates modern design with a CPU for everything.


I'm pretty sure I sold you that Pyro D maybe what, a decade ago?   I've actually found the original box and manual as well as the original CPU, and they should go do you.  Did I sell you the Nitro as well?  I forget. PM me.