SparcStation 5

Started by NeXTnewbe, March 23, 2020, 10:38:37 AM

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I managed to get an SS5 and I decided to install both Solaris 8 and OpenStep. My "new" SS5 came with the CDrom and floppy but not HD.

fortunately, I had a SUN72G HD and a SUN9G HD, so the Solaris OS been installed on the largest HD and OpenStep on the 9G.

the original CDrom that came with the SS5 works fine and installs Solaris with no problem, but it really picky on the OpenStep CD, not sure why tho, it took me days try and error until I gave up using the SS5 CDROM

So, I took the CDROM from my cube and installed instead of the one the SS5 came with and presto!, Open step installed without a hitch.

however I have a thing that I'm not sure how to fix, Openstep will detect the second HD and tries to mount it but I need to know how can I make sure OpenStep ignores the HD.

I did try fstab like this

/dev/sd1 ignore

but doesn't work, any help will be welcome



fix the fstab with for the solaris hd

/dev/sd1a /solaris ignore ro 0 0


Glad to see someone else running NS/OS on Sparc! I've had NS 3.3 running on a 110MHz SS5 for quite a few years. Very quick machine - faster than my TurboColor NeXTstation (as you'd expect). I'd even managed to source an AFX board so have full 32-bit color - very nice.

A weird thing I've noted is that there's a fair number of programs which have have been compiled without a Sparc version, which is unfortunate if no source code is available...