Pistorm with Emu68.

Started by spitfire, October 07, 2021, 06:17:42 PM

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Now I know this is a ways off from being useful for Black hw. But Pistorm has recently started shifting towards the emu68 bare metal JIT emulator.


So far they're getting 800mips. Now the downsides pastor is currently only for the original DIP 68000's. and emu68 when enabling MMU support cuts its speed in half or more. 800mips down to 400mips seems fine to me coming from a 25mips Turbostation. Also all the peripherals would still run at the same speed. Particularly the SCSI, video memory and ethernet.

I wish I knew hardware, because I would love to drop in a equivalent of 100Mhz+ chip in place of the 68040.

So for now it's something to keep an eye on. If they start to work on an '040 drop in, we should all pitch in and make sure it can handle the pinouts needed for NeXTs.


I also think this looks like a good approach.